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The Screenco Digital Signage Ltd Screen Management System

Are you wondering how a digital screen management system works?

Our Screen Management System does more than just let you load content onto the screen!

Digital Signage is becoming more and more accessible, with thousands of small businesses now seizing the opportunity to advertise using our high quality digital advertising screens. The benefits of being able to upload eye-catching, dynamic content onto your own screen are well known; for example, you will spend less money on printing costs and can update your advertising messages as and when you want to, without any print lead times.

However, we are often asked exactly how the content gets onto the screen and this requires some explanation as not all content management systems are created equally. In fact, here at Screenco, we like to refer to our system as a screen management system for reasons which will become clear.

There are 2 ways you can get content onto a screen:

    1. Via usb – you will often see this described as plug and play as you simply insert a usb into the screen and the screen will play the content. This is perfect for a smaller business only running one screen and does not require any content management software.
    2. Via a network connection ie WiFi or 3G/4G – this option allows you to manage your content from any computer anywhere in the world; we provide you with an account on your cloud management software so that you can update content, create playlists and schedule certain advertisements at certain times.

But what if you want to control the screen hardware itself, not simply the content on the screens? What if you want to remotely control the brightness of the screen? (to set the brightness ultra bright in the morning or dim it at night time) What if you want to switch hardware inputs from advertising to sports or other content at specified times? Or the volume, if you are using sound? What if you want to power the screens down? (not just turn the player off so the screen goes black)

The Screenco Screen Management System will let you do all of that with one simple log in. If you are a larger business with several screens around the UK, our screen management system will give you the flexibility you need to manage your network without the worry that you have to be on-site to alter hardware settings.

screen management system

Most content management systems cannot do that.

The Screenco screen management system can!

Our unique ScreenCo™ screen management system lets you manage your screen hardware, not just the content that is playing on it and it’s a key difference when you are thinking about purchasing digital signage. Make sure you are investing in a product that caters for all your screen management needs, not simply the content.

If you want to know a little more about our screen management system, take a look at our video


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