Museums, Art Galleries & Exhibitions

Just because your exhibits might be hundreds or even thousands of years old doesn’t mean that your signage has to be as well. Many museums and art galleries are now turning to cost-effective digital screens to efficiently display information without the need for printing.
Not only can visitors can flick through presentations or digital galleries with ease, but the information will be far more eye-catching and engaging. Secure more daily visits to your museums or galleries and highlight how educational your exhibits are by showing off with your new digital signage.

Key Benefits

  • Bring your exhibits to life
  • Digitally display items which may otherwise be in storage
  • Easily update content to cater for touring exhibitions
  • Painless central management of screens across the network
  • Screens can be zoned
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With Screenco

Touring exhibitions will benefit both from the advertising opportunities in advance of the tour as well as the ability to seamlessly incorporate the tour into the host museum. This will make the exhibition feel much more at home, more quickly, as well as allowing the museum to showcase more items without having to take everything on tour.

In addition to the benefits that digital screens will bring to your visitors, don’t forget that they can be updated far more easily than printed materials and they take up much less space meaning a saving in terms of both cost and valuable storage space.

Suggested Uses

  • Educational interactive displays
  • Wayfinding / floorplans
  • Lobby and waiting area screens
  • Touring exhibition screens
  • Indoor posters displays upcoming events, exhibitions or special offers