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The Importance of Having a High Brightness Screen

More and more companies are starting to use digital screens to advertise their products, whether that be in a restaurant, take-away, hotel or shop window; even schools and colleges are joining in with the digital signage scene.

Whilst it’s great that so many companies are beginning to realise the vast potential of having digital signage to showcase their products, we here at Screenco™ thought it was worth highlighting the importance of not just having any screen and why purchasing an Ultra High Brightness advertising screen is best for business.

We set up this screen situation in the image above, to show a normal screen compared to a high brightness in a shop window, and it is very clear how different these look to potential customers walking by.

Having a standard screen in your shop window creates the same problem that your own TV at home might get – as soon as the sun hits the screen, the content becomes unviewable. However, Screenco’s Ultra High Brightness Monitors remove this problem completely, with easy viewing guaranteed regardless of the weather.

Another great benefit of buying an Ultra High Brightness Monitor from Screenco™ is that every screen comes with a 3 year warranty. Compare this with using a TV in your shop window, where sunlight damage onto the screen is almost guaranteed.  Add in the fact that any warranty would be invalidated due to it being used on a commercial premises and it becomes very clear why buying a Ultra High Brightness Professional Monitor is the better option. If you want to read more into why a professional screen is better than a commercial TV, then click here to read a previous article.

Your shop window is a prime piece of high street real estate, so it is incredibly important to utilise this to the maximum. Allowing all potential customers to be able to see your advertised products from any angle, in any weather is the best way to make the most out of that valuable bit of high street real estate.

If you have any more questions regarding why you should buy an Ultra High Brightness Monitor, or wish to enquire about a screen, then feel free to call us on 08000 588 326 or email us at [email protected].

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