Hotels across the UK are now using digital signage to communicate more effectively with their tech-savvy guests or delegates, engaging them in a way that a brochure or printed poster simply cannot. Sleek kiosk screens situated within reception areas can give inside information about the hotel and customised tips on the local area; consider the benefits of a digital screen that can be viewed while guests wait for the elevator and have time to view your hotel offers; a touchscreen situated at hotel reception can allow guests to book spa treatments or your restaurant tables increasing the efficiency of reception staff, all of which will enhance the guests’ experience of your hotel. Many hotels are also linking their screens to their social media feed so they can interact with guests on a much more personal level, building a relationship that will result in advocacy, sales and recommendations.

We can advise you on what screen will be most appropriate and we can help you with content creation. Each screen comes with custom content, designed using your logo, photographs and copy to enhance your digital screen.

Key Benefits

  • Attractive, dynamic and eye-catching content which will market your facilities even better
  • Faster content and price updates
  • Painless central management across all hotel sites
  • Enhanced brand image and improved customer experience
  • Reduced perceived wait time for customers
  • Greater visibility of special offers resulting in more conversions
  • Opportunity to sell flexible advertising space in your premises to other businesses
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With Screenco

Easily updatable messages can be altered on individual screens or changed across your network, as often as you like, allowing hotel managers to communicate more effectively.

Suggested Uses

  • Interactive booking screens
  • Special offer screens
  • Lobby or waiting area screens
  • Promote your hotel’s spa, restaurant or other services to make sure that guests are fully aware of what you have on offer
  • Indoor digital posters for selling advertising space to other businesses
  • Window or outdoor signage to attract passers-by