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Screenco™ has been supplying commercial grade screens to Educational Institutions since 2012.

Whether you’re looking to interact with students, prospective students, parents, teachers or other visitors, digital screens are a valuable addition to any educational establishment.

Education is entering the digital age, where interactivity with students is becoming more recognised as an effective teaching method. Retaining attention in an environment dominated by smart phones and tablets is an increasingly difficult issue to tackle so an interactive digital screen, which allows for far more engagement with students, above and beyond the standard powerpoint, could well be the answer. Interactive touch screen displays have also proved to be of great benefit for many children with learning difficulties, allowing them to express themselves and engage with their teachers and carers.

Interactive touch screens from just £830


Welcome visitors on arrival

Increase engagement with students, parents and visitors

Easy daily content updates for events and timetables

Showcase exam / Ofsted results

Provide a content rich learning environment


Interactive touch screen in classrooms

Freestanding information screens in the entrance

Digital menu boards in cafe / canteen areas

Way finding in larger institutions

Advertising screens in larger institutions

Special Education Needs (SEN) Screens

At ScreenCo™ we know that some pupils that find it harder to access the curriculum due to difficulties with reading, writing, numeracy and spelling and also experience emotional and behavioural problems.

The effects that such technology can have on alleviating these difficulties are endless. For example, pupils with visual problems can be helped through the use of different coloured screens, fonts and icons and screen menus can be enlarged to suit creating a more sensory learning experience. Similarly, multiple screens can be combined to create multi-sensory rooms or spaces.

Our screens can adapt to the specific need for each student meaning that nobody is left behind; reinforcing what is taught in class in a format that works with the needs.

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What digital screens can do for you

Digital screens can also be used outside of the classroom.

Screens in your entrance hall can display important information.

Events, open days, achievements and messages from the staff.

Move screens from one room to another with ease.

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3 YEARS WARRANTY as standard on all of our screens.

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LIFETIME technical support.

UK BASED STAFF & technical support.

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