Conferences, Functions & Presentations

Providing the most up-to-date technology for your conference or meeting facility is crucial to standing out from the crowd and retaining a competitive edge. It is no longer just about renting space – businesses and professionals now rely on up-to-date technology to engage their audience. By offering optional extras such as digital interactive screens for presentations or digital posters to showcase exhibitors, your venue will become the outstanding place to hold events.

Key Benefits

  • Attractive, dynamic and eye-catching content to engage delegates
  • Easily changed content for every conference
  • Painless central management of screens across the network
  • Screens can be zoned for smaller conferences
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With Screenco

The aesthetic bonuses of having digital signage in your conference, meeting or training centre will raise the perceived value of your service, but the functional uses can provide even more advantages to your offering. Business presentations can be more engaging when combined with an interactive digital screen, for example. Or perhaps your event sponsors could benefit from having space on digital posters around your premises? And if you’re a busy centre with lots of opt-in events available you would definitely benefit from a digital kiosk in your lobby with a timetable of upcoming events and special offers.

It’s also easy to forget that your premises have value to other businesses, which may be willing to pay for digital advertisements and thus net you some extra revenue.

Suggested Uses

  • Parking signage
  • Presentation aids
  • Interactive touch-screens in breakout rooms
  • Wayfinding / floorplans
  • Lobby and waiting area screens
  • Exhibitor video displays
  • Indoor posters for displaying offers, with the opportunity to sell advertising space to other businesses