Car Showrooms

Car showrooms are using the digital revolution to drive sales and brand loyalty in customers who are used to having rich content at their fingertips; relying on static posters to gain attention from today’s customer is no longer sufficient in this technology-driven industry. Digital signage is far more eye-catching and flexible and it allows you to display more information about the vehicles you have available.

The world is already using augmented reality and car showrooms are the perfect place to utilise this. Creating a better customer experience and driving more sales has never been easier. Imagine a screen where a customer can play with the model, dismantle it and build their own dream car; everything they need would be right at their fingertips.

Key Benefits

  • Increased customer engagement from more dynamic and eye-catching signage
  • Vehicle information more readily available to customers
  • Faster content and price updates
  • Painless central management of menus across the network
  • Enhanced brand image and improved customer experience
  • Opportunity to sell flexible advertising space in your premises to other businesses
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With Screenco

Not only will your customers love your new signage, it will also eliminate the hassle and costs of printing new materials. For instance if you want to display car parts information or availability of new paint colors, you can do so with a single press of a button.  You can also disseminate it across all your branches and locations at the same time, and even schedule your messages for some specific time in the future.

Suggested Uses

  • Video walls to display most impressive offers or vehicles
  • Interactive screens for customers to look through information themselves
  • Digital posters to display special offers, vehicles or brand values
  • Outdoor or window screens to attract passers-by
  • Customer feedback kiosks