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Best Commercial Digital Signage Solutions?

Whether you know it or not, when you buy a consumer TV screen for your retail digital signage, you’ve got three strikes against you even before you start because consumer technology is simply not suitable for a commercial digital signage project. You may ask, “Why not?”

Consumer TVs Have ZERO Public Display Security Features

Strike one, the biggest strike, comes from the most wicked curveball that can be thrown your way. That strike is the simple fact consumer TVs cannot lock out infrared or IR. Today there are smartphone TV remote control apps that allow any person with this app to enter your retail place of business and, for whatever the reason, devious or otherwise, bring the signage screen down with just a tap or two on a smartphone.

Imagine a fast-food restaurant using a consumer tv as a menu board. Anyone who wants to can easily alter the restaurant’s consumer TV screen menu just for kicks. Or they can just bring it down to cause customer confusion.

In fact, many consumer TVs also have an easily accessible USB port which can equally be a target for mischief or worse.

Commercial digital signage, on the other hand,  incorporates measures to protect controls in a public environment including locking the access point to the control panel as well as the IR remote.

Consumer TVs Are Designed For Limited Time Operation

Consumer TVs are not designed for 24 hour use and keeping a consumer monitor on for an extended period of time can cause issues. Consumer TVs do not feature anti burn-in or image retention features which could mean you see a very rapid deterioration in image quality.

Additionally, because they are designed to be on for shorter bursts of time, with long periods of downtime, there is no system for heat dissipation and cooling of the unit in a consumer monitor.

Commercial digital signage has heat dissipation built in, both in portrait and landscape orientation, as well as typically incorporating fans to cool the unit.

Consumer TVs Do Not Carry a Three Year Warranty

The overwhelming majority of consumer TV manufacturers void their warranties when their products are used in a commercial environment. Plus, a consumer TV screen isn’t as bright as a commercial signage display. When it’s placed underneath a light source an extremely high glare results, making it difficult to read your digital signage content — say your digital menu board.

All of our commercial digital signage carry a 3-year warranty.

Obviously, when making investments like digital signage, cost is a top concern. The thinking might go something like this: The less that’s spent, the better from an initial bottom line perspective. However, very little thought is given in some cases to the consequences of taking the wrong approach to achieving the business objectives you expect to attain from digital signage.

Therefore, it’s wise to consider commercial-grade digital signage from a total cost of ownership. Sure, you can initially save money purchasing a consumer TV screen however think about all the potential cost outlays inherent in that consumer-grade TV screen. Constant use of that screen can severely minimize its lifetime.

To avoid problems down the line there are key benefits of commercial signage display solutions that will help you stay in the game, from locking IR controls to three-year warranties covering extended hours of use.

But remember, those key benefits aren’t found in consumer TV displays. Once they malfunction, you have to spend more for a new consumer TV screen; you might not find the same unit that matches the rest of your display set, due to the short life span of consumer TVs.

But with commercial signage displays you get added bonuses, such as the fact that they’re better for the environment with fewer replacement parts, as well as higher brightness, lower power consumption, lower glare, remote controllability, landscape and portrait orientation, and professional appearance.

With all the advantages commercial displays bring, the value of your money is maximised for your business and you are worry free. In addition, you can focus on the important things like generating more business and keeping your customers happy.

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