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7 Reasons Interactive Touchscreens Trump Projector Technology

Interactive whiteboards with projectors have been used in classrooms for many years however this technology is rapidly becoming obsolete. Forward thinking educators are looking towards Interactive Touchscreens to enable teachers and students to interact with a PC, thereby expanding teaching methods and allowing access to the world of educational software and internet resources.  Reliance on durable, high quality display technology in schools and colleges is increasing year on year which is where Interactive Touchscreens come into their own.

What are the differences between an Interactive Whiteboard and an Interactive Touchscreen?

Interactive whiteboard with projector Interactive Touchscreen
Multi touch Dual touch 6 point touch
Lamp life 2,000 – 8,000 hours per lamp No lamp, estimated 50,000 hour life
Brightness Degenerative, even when new lamp is installed Estimated 50,000 hour life and no decrease in brightness
Cleaning Regular cleaning required to prolong the life of the unit Light external dusting
Shadow All projectors cast a shadow even an ultra short throw None
Resolution Usually 1024 x 768 0r 1280 x 800 HD – 1920 x 1080 or Ultra HD -3840 x 2160
21st Century Connectivity Usually VGA and maybe 1 x HDMi 2-3 HDMi and often Display Port or DVi as well as VGA and video

Where do Interactive Whiteboards fall down?

  • Multi Touch – interactive whiteboards are struggling to keep up to date with the direction of software. For example, Gestures in Windows 7 & 8 sometimes requires up to 6 touch recognition to control the full range of gestures; an interactive touchscreen can handle that software whereas an interactive whiteboard cannot.
  • Lamp Life – Most projectors have lamps that will last anywhere from 2,000-8,000 hours. When they fail they require replacing at an average cost of £250. There are lamp free projectors available but they will still only last up to 15,000 hours and are more expensive
  • Decreasing brightness – All projectors will lose brightness as they are used but an interactive touchscreen will not.
  • Cleaning – All projectors require cleaning, even the ones without filters. If they are not cleaned the projector and lamp life and performance will be significantly decreased
  • Shadow – Despite ultra short throw projectors being available all projectors still cast a shadow on the screen. The shadow makes the screen less user friendly and if the projector is not short throw, can cast a shadow in the eyes of the user
  • Resolution – the low resolution of projectors detracts from the user experience especially as high definition videos, photos, diagrams and documents become standard.
  • 21st Century connectivity – devices requiring multiple HDMi and Display Ports are becoming more common all of the time. This drive towards digital inputs leads to better quality pictures and performance but many older models of projector lack the required connections, you will be lucky to have 1 x HDMi connection on a projector. In addition, often the projector is installed in the ceiling and difficult to get HDMi cables up to as well as the audio back to a separate audio system
UK Digital Signage, UK Digital Screens, UK Commercial Screens, Outdoor Screens, Professional Monitors, Content Providers

Why are Interactive Touchscreens a better investment than Interactive Whiteboards?

  • Multi Touch – All our interactive touchscreens have 6 point touch as standard.
  • Lamp Life –All our interactive touchscreens have commercial panels with no lamps & an estimated 50,000 hour life
  • No loss of brightness 
  • Cleaning – Although screens should be kept dust free there are no filters and the panel is sealed to dust
  • Shadow – You are writing and touching an interactive touchscreen with no projector and therefore no shadow
  • Resolution – All our interactive touchscreens are full HD resolution (1920 x 1080) or higher
  • 21st Century connectivity – Multiple inputs as well as coaxial digital audio

Of course, interactive touchscreens have a multitude of varied applications and the video below shows the interactive touchscreen in our office being used to present a social media report to a client.

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