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Digital Menu Boards – 5 Reasons Why They Work

In a highly competitive industry such as the restaurant business, it is vital that you effectively communicate your restaurant’s distinguishing features to ensure that you keep your customers coming back for more. Of course, there are many different marketing methods from which to choose but, once you have your customers through the doors, the best way to engage with them is through digital menu boards and here are 5 reasons why.

Digital Menu Boards Save Time and Money

Printed menus are expensive; it becomes even more expensive if you have to have them re-printed because you want to change a menu item or need to update the nutritional information. Not so with digital signage because you have complete control over what appears on your digital screens in restaurants. Whether you want to use your screens as digital menu boards or would like to showcase features of your establishment such as a party room, digital signage is the solution. Additionally, you can add or remove menu items quickly in order to respond to availability.

Digital Menu Boards Increase Engagement

You can use your digital screen to display your social media accounts, perhaps encouraging people to engage with you on your social media sites, driving further engagement with your customers even when they are not dining with you.

Digital Menu Boards Reduce Perceived Wait Time

Using video on digital screens is more interesting and customers who are engaged in this way have a perception that they haven’t waited long in line or for a table. Perceived wait times can be reduced by as much as 35% so why not dedicate some of your digital signage to display marketing videos. For example, if you have a party room, make a promotional video about this facility. People waiting are both entertained and informed, helping customers to pass the time and increasing their knowledge of your services.

Digital Menu Boards Help Sell Premium Menu Items

Have a special menu item unique to your restaurant? Use your digital signage to make a fuss. Show videos and photos targeted towards selling those dishes.

Digital Menu Boards Display Nutritional Content

Since 13 December 2014, businesses providing food are required to provide allergy information. Digital screens are a quick and easy way to ensure your customers can see the allergy information they need.

Whether you want one screen or one hundred or simply require digital screen content creation, Screenco can help. Email us for further information.





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