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Digital Advertising – 5 Benefits of Using Digital Signage

You wouldn’t dream of opening a local business without telling everyone what business you are in, would you? Every high street shop the length and breadth of the UK has shopfront signage at the very least and, more often than not, an enticing window display showcasing current offers. You could, however, be taking advantage of digital advertising allowing you to work smarter and use your available window space to maximise your sales opportunities.

So, how can digital screens help?


Static posters can easily blend into the background, simply becoming part of the high street wallpaper that your customers get used to ignoring every day.

Digital advertising will cut through the background noise, standing out precisely because the content is constantly changing. Think about how useful a constantly changing screen will be, particularly if your business is located near where people have to wait. You might be near a bus stop or a busy road junction where your screen will be unmissable.

Increases Your Available Advertising Space

Consider an A4  poster in your window. How many can you fit? Even if you could fit more than one, would you want your entire shop front plastered in posters? Probably not.

Now think about a 46″ slim advertising display. It’s roughly the size of a poster and yet allows you to ring the advertising changes as many times per hour as you want. The flexibility is almost infinite.

Want to display 60 posters? You can build a playlist that changes every minute, allowing enough time for people to see each advert and giving you the space to showcase 60 products per hour.

Want to highlight one item or product more than others? Simply build a playlist that shows your preferred image or video more than any other.

With a digital screen you can choose what images are shown, how often they are seen and even change them according to the time of day. A great example of this is a coffee shop advertising a breakfast deal while the morning commuters are on the way to work and changing the advertising to the lunchtime deal at about 1130am. This level of flexibility can help you to increase your sales.

Keeps Your Advertising Space Clean

Too many posters / offers in the window of your business can begin to look haphazard and messy not to mention the fact that colours fade and look old very quickly once exposed to direct sunlight.

Digital signage negates all of those. Digital screens are elegant and keep your advertising space clutter free. In addition, our high brightness screens are specifically designed for direct sunlight meaning no loss of colour or faded, out of date posters.

Easy to Update

Updating a digital screen is simple, hassle free and fast which means you can react to sales figures with very little lag time. No longer will you have to send your artwork to the printer and wait for the printing to be done; all you will have to do is create your advertisement, put it on a USB stick and put the USB in the screen.

Simple, easy, fast and efficient giving you more flexibility than you have ever had before.

Allows Personalisation

This aspect of digital screens can be particularly if you have a number of locations throughout a region or, indeed, across the UK.  As a brand, you will want to keep your advertising consistent but with digital signage, you can react to local trends and easily tailor your campaigns on a regional basis.

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